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The Open Studio of Creativity and Design: Sharing Learning with the Wider Community

The  children of KRS and KAG (5 and 6 year olds) were proud, knowledgeable and highly engaged in sharing their learning with families and the school community, as part of an inquiry into ways products can be created following a process.  The Open Studio event was a beautiful example of authentic student agency. As the children worked as designers and makers, they demonstrated their commitment, responsibility and motivation to be the key protagonists of their individual and collective learning journeys. The video above is a snapshot of the children sharing their expertise.


A Collaborative Inquiry: The Kindergarten Children, Alexandra Gentile (Kindergarten Teacher), Rebecca Smith (Kindergarten Teacher), Andrea Mills (Early Years Atelierista), Joanna McGarva-Brown (Teaching Assistant), Lisa Rosado-Darham (Teaching Assistant), Tiffany Crook (EAL Teacher), Victoria Newman (Early Years Coordinator), Claire Febrey (PYP Coordinator), Chrysi Stefanakidou (German Language Teacher)

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