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Coming Soon: The Open Studio of Creativity

The children in Kindergarten (5-6 year olds) have been working with a range of materials as part of an inquiry into ways products are created following a process.  The Kindergarten Designers and Makers are excited to share their work soon through our Open Studio of Creativity. We have created a preview with the trailer below:

A collaborative inquiry: The Children of KRS and KAG, Rebecca Smith (Kindergarten Teacher), Alexandra Gentile (Kindergarten Teacher), Andrea Mills (Early Years Atelierista), Joanna McGarva- Brown (Early Years Teaching Assistant), Lisa Rosado Darham (Early Years Teaching Assistant), Tiffany Crook (EAL Teacher), Victoria Newman (Early Years Coordinator), Claire Febrey (PYP Coordinator)


  1. Jo Minto

    Thanks to the EY @ ICS team for sharing this collaborative and creative work with the Early Years community beyond your school. It is rare to be privy to such beautifully documented inquiry and learning with children firmly positioned as capable and central to the process. In addition to wanting to acknowledge the outstanding nature of both the presentation of the inquiry and the highly creative content, of note is your inclusion of all who contributed. Truly a collaboration.

  2. Jennifer Yaeger

    This is so inspiring!! To see the children immersed in creating their own ideas with such a variety of tools, materials, color and textures—I want to bring this kind of learning and engagement to my school district!

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