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PYP Enhancements: Learning Community – Learning Environments. (Podcast)

Ongoing reflective practice about our individual and collective professional learning journeys has long been something we would like to do more of, but somehow finding time for that deep metacognition has proven challenging on a regular basis. Time, as always, feels like the key to exploring so much more.

Being approached by Angeline Aow from Professional Learning International provided us with a moment to pause, reflect and to articulate where we are as a department in our PYP and pedagogical practice and how we see the PYP enhancements developing, influencing and supporting the practice in our Early Years setting.  

The podcast below shares the voices of three of us at the Early Years Centre at ICS, but we believe our words, questions, understandings and the passion we convey for our learning with children are reflective of all who work together in the department. It is this collective advocacy that has brought us to the point we are at now and will take us forward.

PYP Enhancements: Learning Community – Learning Environments – Andrea Mills, Victoria Newman & Rebecca Smith

“Teachers – like children and everyone else – feel the need to grow in their competences; they want to transform experiences into thoughts, thoughts into reflections, and reflections into new thoughts and new actions.  They also feel a need to make predictions, to try things out and to interpret them….”

Loris Malaguzzi


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