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Mathematical Explorations in a Natural Learning Space

As scientists, the children have been observing, researching, collecting and recording data on our year long journey to new understandings about the interconnectedness of living things. Regular time spent learning in beautiful natural spaces in our wider community has invited the children to develop appreciation and respect for life on earth. This week the children made many mathematical discoveries about mushrooms in our nearby forest.

Data collection samples

A Mushroom Hunt from ICS Early Years on Vimeo.

A Collaborative Project:
The children of EY3/Kindergarten, Alexandra Gentile (Classroom Teacher), Rebecca Smith (Classroom Teacher) and support teachers.


  1. Stuart Smith

    It reminds me of when I was teaching English in Poland. The school was located in the forest. In the middle of September the grade 2 class went into the forest to pick mushrooms. They mostly knew which ones to pick because their parents and grandparents had taught them. It was a wonderful experience.

    • Rebecca Smith

      Dear Stuart,
      Thanks for reading our site.
      Making connections to our local host culture and environment is an important consideration for us.
      We do feel lucky to have these resources just up the road.
      Rebecca and the Kindergarten Team

  2. Fiona Pearson

    Some fantastic learning and concentration levels shown. Great to see them applying learnt skills in a real and purposeful way.
    It would be interesting to see how the skills where taught previous to this session. eg. How to tally, shape vocabulary etc.

    • Rebecca Smith

      Dear Fiona,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving us feedback.
      We revisited (as the children learnt about these in EY2) how to use tally marks and collecting data, by making observation of attributes such as shape, texture etc in a classroom meeting. The children shared understandings/prior knowledge with the group before first children and then teachers demonstrated. We participated in a number of experiences to collect data in our immediate school environment before we went to the forest (as shown in the video).
      Rebecca and the Kindergarten Team

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