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EY2 Ice Cream Sundae Appreciation Party

To celebrate the arrival of the warmer weather EY2 decided to host an Ice Cream Sundae Appreciation Party in our courtyard. We made invitations to invite the school caretakers – Robbie, Kurt and Andy, Miss Debbie from the playground and Zaravete our daytime cleaner to come along and celebrate with us. We made some thoughtful artwork gifts for our guests to thank them for everything they do for us at school.

We had a super time enjoying the warm sunshine, yummy ice cream sundaes and each others company!

Follow the instructions to make your own ice cream sundae:

Step 1 – Choose the goodies to be included – for example marshmallows, smarties or chocolate drops. Place in cup.

Step 2 – Choose ice cream flavours. Add scoops to cup.

Step 3 – Add extra whipped cream and hundreds and thousands sprinkles.

Step 4 – Eat your ice cream sundae before it melts!

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