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Beauty in Nature: Flower Petal Window Hangings

In our year-long unit of inquiry, ‘How the World Works‘, we are inquiring into how life is affected by the seasons. We set up a learning experience for the children connected to this unit, which was to make window hangings which will begin to transform the ‘forest area‘ of our classroom from Winter to Spring.

The children separated petals from flowers, which were beginning to wilt and die and sorted them according to colour.



As the children separated the petals, they were closely examining the form of each flower and making comparisons between them. They then stuck the separated petals onto transparent contact paper in patterns and designs of their choice.



It was interesting to observe how each child chose to create their flower composition. Some were intentional with clear patterns, lines and forms and others were casual and random, but ALL were beautiful.


This was a new way for us to see and think about flowers and to create something extraordinary using natural materials.

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As an Early Years teacher, I am extremely passionate about working with young children. Their curiosity about almost everything is truly infectious and I enjoy sharing in their learning, discoveries and sense of wonder about our world.

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