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Snow Ice Cream Restaurant

We believe in the importance of bringing the beauty and wonders of nature from the outside environment into our indoor learning spaces. This week EY2 Yellow were presented with an icy scene of snow and winter creatures. The initial play centered around the strength of the different species, their abilities to live and provide for their animal families and friends and how they made discoveries in the snowy environment. With the introduction of some new tools, a large plastic strainer, two smaller metal strainers and funnels of varying sizes, the direction of the play changed. The children explored how to use the tools with the ice and snow. They discovered by rubbing the strainers over the icy surface they could ‘shred’ or ‘grate’ the snow. The station soon became a ‘Snow Ice Cream Restaurant’. With the funnels acting as the cones for the ice creams. Perhaps we could explore further to use the same methods to try to make our own edible snow cones…

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