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The children own the learning

As a team of Early Childhood Educators we regularly discuss and understand the value of the children’s role in their learning.  Education looks different today than it has in the past.  We know more about how a child’s brain develops and how children learn, this in turn allows us to adjust teaching styles.  To talk about the role of the child in learning requires us to look at the role of the teacher.

Today’s classrooms, and definitely our Early Years classes at ICS are no longer a place where the teacher being the the ‘all knowing source of information’ is there to instruct the child and provide feedback as to whether their answers are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  We view the class as a learning community. A place where children support and listen to each other, where all theories and ideas and considered, debated, valued and discussed.  Children interests are followed their contributions respected.  Teachers regularly model learning and are a part of learning community.   We know this can have great effects of a child’s motivation to engage and learn.

Children having more control of their own learning is at the heart of  John Dewey’s (American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer) concept of learning by doing.

This week children took the lead once more to share their learning with parents in our Student Led Conferences.



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I am the Early Years Coordinator at the Inter Community School Zurich. I enjoy working with a team of talented and dedicated Early Childhood professionals and spending time watching and facilitating children learn.

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