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June 20, 2013
by Rebecca Smith

Exploring our Sense of Taste


Who We Are Unit Of Inquiry:

We use our bodies to learn about the world.

As a class we read non-fictional books about our bodies. From our research we found out that we use our tongue to taste. It is covered in tiny taste buds. Different parts of our tongue taste different flavours.

At a class meeting we talked about the different types of flavours that we can taste – savoury, sweet, sour, salty and spicy. We made a visual wall to show our ideas.


EY2 Yellow held a ‘Fresh Juice Tasting Day’ to test out our sense of taste. We had a number of parent and babysitter helpers come to school. In small groups we made four different flavours of juice drinks – sweet, savoury, sour and spicy.

In the Sour Drink Group the children made a lemon juice drink. They tested it and then added some honey to make it a little sweeter.


Sour Drink: 

I don’t like it. Sumedha

It’s yucky. Maxi

It tastes real sour. Maya

Honey lemon is sour, we liked it because it was a little sour. Tommaso


The Spicy Drink group used a juicing machine to mix oranges, apple, pineapple and ginger together. P1030813 P1030811



Spicy Drink:

It’s spicy. It’s delicious. Tommaso

I like it. Sumedha 

It’s spicy. Marc-Philippe

P1030894The Savoury Drink Group used vegetables and herbs to make their drink in a juicer machine. They added celery, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, lemon and parsley.



Savoury Drink:

It tastes like yucky. Sumedha

Not yummy (some of the juices), the more (most) delicious was the milk with bananas. Rosario

The thing (juice machine) that the other Maxi made, I use it to sometimes make carrot juice. Maya 


The Sweet Drink Group made banana milkshakes using a hand beater to mix the bananas, sugar and milk together.



Sweet Drink:

Yummy! Dayou and Tommy

Delicious! Rosario

I like the banana. Dayou

I like it, it’s delicious. Sumedha

I like it. I like the banana milkshakes. The banana one is my favourite cause it tastes like banana. Marc-Philippe

It’s a good. David

We cut some bananas put on to a plate. We cut them up. Maxi G

Then we did “juzjuzjuz”Rosario

Before we did milk in we put some sugar in. Maxi G

Then we mixed the banana milkshake. Maxi V B

We drinked drinked drinked all the juices. Milk banana milkshake was the best. The banana milkshake was the best because it was the sweetest, and everybody loves sugar and bananas. That’s why it was the best. We like doing it! Noa


June 19, 2013
by Rebecca Smith

Sound Wall

sound wall

We had a meeting about our Senses Garden, the space in the courtyard we have beautified by adding sensory elements like flowers, plants and herbs. The children shared their understandings of the senses we use in the garden. Many noted we need our sense of sight to look at the flowers. We could smell the herbs and flowers. We can touch the leaves of the plants. Some of the herbs are edible so we can use our sense of taste. Ms. Smith asked the children to wonder about how we might use a sense of hearing. The children offered some suggestions about sounds we could hear. Butterflies ‘te-te-teee’ Every time they fly. Birds, Sparrows and blue tits, ‘chhhrr’ – Sumedha. ‘Cheep cheep’ bell ringing ‘…zizzzzznng’, motorbike ‘drowwwmmmm’, bird flying pick, pick, pick’– Dayou. ‘Arkkhh-arkkhh’ birds and bell ‘dinnnnnggggg’ – Tommaso. People ‘yah yah’  and cars ‘brmmm broommmm’ – Noa.  Outside noise, rain ‘tap, tap, tap’ – Arjun. ‘Quark quark’, butterflies and ducks – David. School bell – Marc-Philippe. Rain ‘zizz -zizzz- zizzzz’ and lightning ‘buowff – boff’– Maxi G. The teachers suggested we add more sound in the form of a “Sound Wall” to the garden as well.


We had read about other schools and environments where recycled materials had been used to create “Sound/Music/Banging Walls”. We thought this could be an exciting and relevant experience for our Who We Are Unit, exploring the ways we learn through our senses. We asked families to contribute any recyclable materials like old pots/pans, coffee tins, broken silverware, loose parts, etc. Dayou shared his contributions and the children thought about ways these items could be used to make sound/ music.

We shared some images of Sound Walls with the children and asked the children to consider how we might create our own in the courtyard. We took a walk in the courtyard and determined where might be a good place. The children drew their ideas for what the project might look like.





Finally, we gathered altogether on a sunny afternoon for a final check in before constructing the sound wall. The children were excited about the many different objects we would integrate into our project. Ms. Johnson, our music teacher, joined us and helped with the wire required to fasten our sound makers.  As the wall grew, children experimented with the sound of wooden spoons against the many items on the wall. Some children impressed us with their rhythm as they kept the beat. Others found new ways to make different sounds. This collaborative project was extremely successful as evidenced by the children’s enthusiasm in sharing their knowledge about the sense of sound with other members of our school community. We invited other classes, teachers and administrators to visit our Sound Wall and the children articulately shared about the experience.




P1040530Words by Ms Andrea Mills

Photographs by Miss Rebecca Smith


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