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November 1, 2013
by Rebecca Smith

Shared Cultural Experiences: Halloween

In our year-long ‘Who We Are’ Unit Of Inquiry, we are interested in exploring how shared experiences with others can help us to learn about ourselves. The many cultural and seasonal celebrations that occur within our community are a great way to participate in shared activities with our classmates, their families and the people in our wider school and local community.


On October 31st, we celebrated Halloween with members of our learning community. The children, teachers and some parents came dressed-up to school. There was much laughter shared as we compared, appreciated and discussed the different costumes and choices of characters.

P1100566 P1100606P1100608

We listened (in both small and a large groups) to a number of Halloween stories read by Aditi’s mum and Charli’s grandmother.


As a group, we sang some of the Halloween and Pumpkin songs that the children have been learning in their Music lessons with Ms Mills. We also did some spooky and fun dancing together.

We made some Halloween-inspired crafts (prepared and led by parent volunteers), which included masks, lollipop spiders and lollipop ghosts. We painted and decorated the small pumpkins with glitter, that we had chosen at the Jucker Farm. The parents and teachers helped the children with some of the trickier tasks, such as tying the elastic and strings, or holding items steady while the children used the scissors or paintbrushes.

P1100626P1100632 P1100675P1100681

Letizia’s and Soichi’s mummies carved our big pumpkin into a friendly Jack-O-Lantern. Everybody took turns to help to remove the guts from inside the pumpkin – it was a messy job!

P1100702 P1100720 P1100758

Finally, we shared in a special snack of fresh fruits and vegetable sticks, popcorn and cupcakes. It was a wonderful morning. Everyone involved enjoyed the opportunity to spend time working with others to complete the activities, celebrating, singing, dancing, laughing and having fun together! We are looking forward to learning about ourselves and others as we share in more cultural and seasonal celebrations throughout the year.


Photos by Rebecca Smith (ICS EY Teacher)

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