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Our Image of a Child


children are best essence fo human beings

During our recent open morning for parents a presentation was given, an element of which was focused on what we hold as our image of a child at ICS.  Long gone are the days were children are viewed by many as empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge, ‘Defining the child by their lack of potential.’ Claudia Giudici – Reggio Emilia.

Our team of educators have been in dialogue about better articulating our collective image of a child and what that in turn means for the learning environment we design and the interactions we have with children.


In the Early Years at ICS we view children as:


image of a child

We acknowledge and celebrate the rich and diverse catalog of experience each child brings with them when coming to our school.  We value their thinking, ideas and contributions.

When we consider children to be capable, truly capable, we understand that children and adults can co-construct meaning through dialogue and reciprocal sense-making .

No matter what role you play in the life of a child, have you asked yourself….What is your image of a child?

Photo by Rebecca Smith (ICS EY Teacher)

Author: emmahorsey

I am the Early Years Coordinator at the Inter Community School Zurich. I enjoy working with a team of talented and dedicated Early Childhood professionals and spending time watching and facilitating children learn.

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